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My Menopause Story


While In my early 40s, I was working full-time in a stressful job that I no longer enjoyed and couldn't afford to leave.   I noticed my normally calm demeanor changing and felt an "internal rage" beginning to boil inside my body/being, both physically and emotionally.   Sleep patterns became more and more erratic, I started self-medicating with OTC sleeping aids trying to get some rest.

Mentally I was a wreck, my brain seemed to have abandoned me, I struggled with concentration and memory. Emotionally it was worse, swinging between frustration/anger or sobbing uncontrollably at Hallmark commercials.   Hot flashes in the daytime, and severe nightsweats which left me drenched, I felt exhausted and spent ...

I didn't know what was going on, I just wanted my old self back, yet couldn't seem to reach her.   Doctors told me I was too young for menopause & offered anti-depressants. Then I felt like a zombie ...

Today I Know I was in the early stages of perimenopause. My symptoms were more severe due to the accumulation of stress going on in my life.  My body simply could no longer continue to manage the constant onslaught of stress.   I was emotionally, physically, and mentally Overdrawn.

Then I discovered - Natural, Holistic, Effective Relief
I discovered the effectiveness of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

If you are experiencing any of these hormonal shifts, there Is Relief!

Women's Health is one of the Hallmarks of this ancient medicinal practice.
Let Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine help You!

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Menopause - Green Tea Acupuncture in Boise, ID


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