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Rates & Insurance


Time of Service Fees and Senior/Student rates are available.   Please contact the office at 916-674-2502 for these rates.

Health Insurance
"Is Acupuncture covered?"   "How many visits"   "What is my deductible?" "What is my copayment?" all vary from plan to plan.  We are happy to verify your acupuncture benefits for you,  just call 916-674-2502, we can usually verify them within 24 hrs.

Acupuncture is covered by many health plans.   I am currently "In Network" with Blue Shield PPO, United HealthCare, and Sutter Health Plus. TriWest and Sutter Select are pending.   Some plans offer "Out of Network Benefits", otherwise I am happy to provide Superbills for other Health Plans.

Worker's Compensation is accepted, however there must be pre-approval for acupuncture.   Please call the office for details.

Rates & Insurance - Green Tea Acupuncture in Roseville, CA

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