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I could hardly eat anything when I first came to Cynthia and I had terrible stomach pain every day. I sought her out after my regular doctor and the GI doctor had no answers and their only suggestion was an endoscopy. I have no more pain after only 2 visits and I'm starting to venture into eating things that I had previously taken out of my diet. Thank you so much Cynthia!!! You are giving me my life back. My co-workers also thank you, as I'm no longer on edge every day, now that I'm not in pain. If you are even slightly considering trying acupuncture, please go. I'm grateful every day that I did.
Kristin D., Roseville, CA

I can't say enough about Cynthia. I have had some serious back issues for 8 yrs from a football injury. I am only 24 yrs old and when the pain kicks in, I can hardly walk. The afternoon I walked in Green Tea, Cynthia was literally on her way out for lunch. I was in SO much pain, and desperate for help. She accepted my insurance and treated my the SAME DAY! After the treatment the pain went down from a 10 to a 6. By the 3rd appt I was pain free. Throughout, Cynthia was caring and listened to everything.
Thank You Cynthia!! Seriously, I cannot thank you enough.
Mario L., Carmichael, CA

I have had an arthritis problem in my left hip for about 3 years and have tried everything I could to alleviate the pain. Reduced to constant pain medication I tried acupuncture and have found great relief.  I have lowered my medication dosage from 3x per day to only 4 doses in the last month!
I call that a Win Win! Thank you Cynthia.
Wanda T., Sacramento, CA

I went to Cynthia for treatment of my acid reflux. I didn’t want to take the medication the doctor prescribed for me due to the long list of side effects. The frequency of acid reflux after acupuncture dropped down to 1 and sometime 0 incidents per week.  Cynthia later treated me for my arthritis knee pain which later disappeared after a few days.
Doris A., Sacramento, CA

I began acupuncture treatment with Cynthia Cates in July of 2011 for treatment of a neurological problem (numbness in feet) that developed after a fourteen (14) week hospital stay in 2009. I had tried physical therapy and other massage treatments after my release from the hospital but experienced no relief.
After receiving just a few acupuncture treatments from Cynthia Cates, I noticed an immediate gain in sensations in each of my feet. I continue to receive weekly treatments and my progress has been nothing short of exceptional and full recovery is now a certainty. Cynthia is extremely gifted and knowledgeable in this discipline. She is a warm and caring individual with exceptional listening skills and bedside manner. I highly recommend Cynthia Cates of Green Tea Acupuncture for your consideration for acupuncture treatment.
Edward O., Roseville CA

Having been a runner for years, I developed very painful plantar fasciitis...
I went to the doctor and was given anti inflammatory drugs. After months of taking the pills the pain still remained... The pain was so severe that walking became painful forget even thinking about running..

I went back to the doctor and he said our last resort was a cortisone shot or surgery... Not willing to do I either one I turned to acupuncture..

What a life saver Cynthia Cates was. After three treatments I was able to wear flip flops and walk without pain... The needles were painless and I felt totally relaxed. I was not a believer at first but I am now... Cynthia and her acupuncture treatments have got me back on my feet and out running again...
Brittany H., Rocklin, CA

Cynthia Cates has changed my life. I have lived with chronic back and leg pain for 5 years. I went through 2 back surgeries in the last 3 years and the end result is nerve damage in my legs. After only a couple of visits I can say my pain has been reduced by 80%. Again after only a few visits I can finally get through the day without tremendous pain.The woman is in an angel and I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from any type of discomfort.
Adriane W., Sacramento, CA

Cynthia is a true healer.  I love her.  I go see her when I am bothered by anything, really.  Back pain, stress, PMS and breakouts (to which she gave me some Chinese herbs that helped ALOT), and most recently, a really bad earache. She was able to get me in very quickly and I walked out of her office feeling so much better, both physically and emotionally. This may sound weird, but I actually felt like I was "glowing." Also, she's great with the needles. I remember the first time I saw her I told her I was a little anxious about the needles. She was very responsive and got me really relaxed before we started, and all throughout. I highly recommend Cynthia if you are looking for a natural healer.  She is amazing.
Amy M., Sacramento, CA

I have been wanting to send you this note for quite some time.  I must say I appreciate your acupuncture skill so much.  My neck, shoulders & back were in a chronic state of pain when I first visited you.   After the first visit I noticed a different energy in my body and after the 4th visit I was experiencing little to no back and neck pain.  When my leg started to tighten up and become painful, I again gave you a visit.  Just one treatment buffered the pain and increased the energy within my leg.  No more stopping rubbing the pain out just to walk down the street.
Thank you very much for your service and skill.
Chuck E. Roseville, CA




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